The risks of citizen journalism: Crisis of mainstream media.


Although citizen journalists provide the reliable information to fulfill the need of citizen leading to construct a healthy and democratic society, there are also the risks of citizen journalism towards the crisis of mainstream media. Firstly, citizen journalist gives personal point of view, biased view. In its true nature, citizen journalism allows no room for gate keeping. The standpoint or opinion of the news article is relying on the writer’s personal intention in order to achieve their personal goal. Sometimes they might be extreme agree or disagree to their own point of views. Some of their intentions are obviously recognized such as political or other aspect. The rise of citizen journalism is mainly triggered by the politics in Nigeria. State power and rule of laws are extremely strong to influence mainstream media to be passive for publish underground. The citizen journalist might become dissident that would be challenged to the mainstream media.


Citizen journalists are prefer to publish their news article through online platform, online casino so that most of the sensitive articles are always disseminate through online. The one of reason of publish online is to attract more online users for supporting their argument, especially articles with the context of politics.


Besides that, citizen journalists free to adhere media ethics. The reason is many citizen contributors do not see themselves as journalist but rather as activists. It challenged to mainstream media if there is no media ethics for citizen journalist. If non-professional journalist reports the news without seeking the truth instead of earning their profit, it causes dangerous effect to party involved. For example, the Steve Jobs’s issue was reported by CNN iReport about anonymous sources.

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